Are you interested to have me to produce, mix or master your next record?
Here are some useful information:


Choosing me as your Producer means that I will take a deep look into your songs: my job will be to make the best possible record for you and your band.
This will include re-arranging, part swapping, audio/sonic decisions, tempo fluctuations, suggesting additional instruments or even play some more parts on it by myself.
Also, I do think that performance quality control is crucial for the final results of a good record and it will be a very important part of the trackings.
I have contacts with good studios in Rome and all over italy and I love working in new spaces if you cannot come to Rome.


When I produce a record, I always start from the tracking sessions, which is the most crucial part in my humble opinion for a good result.
I can also been hired only for tracking for another producer, for live sessions and location recordings.


I usually mix 99% the records I produce, but it’s not rare that I will take care of mixing records recorded by others.
All the work will be made in my mixing room based in Rome, of course remote mixing is also available.
Attended sessions and reamping services are also available, drop me a line if you want to know more about it.


Very often, I’m hired to take care of Mastering of albums not recorded or mixed by me.
I use a hybrid setup (half analog-half digital) which allows me to achieve a great result on all media.
Mastering revisions are free until you will be completely satisfied with the results.